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Books by Dominic J. Dal Bello
Still (after 10+ yrs) ONLY $17 each.

Parade, Inspection and Basic Evolutions of the Infantry Battalion
4th Edition, June, 1998
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Instructions for Guards and Pickets
3rd Edition, January, 2002
(those with 2d Ed.... no need to by 3d, changes minor)
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Books by August V. Kautz
(Stackpole Books' facscimile reprints, completely retype-set). See order form for prices.


Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers
2nd Edition, 1865
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(actually a red cover)

Customs of Service for OFFICERS
NOTE: Stackpole entitled their reprint the _1865_ Customs of Service. While Kautz was working on this book in 1865, it was not published until _1866_.
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Manual of the Sword
Click on the Foot Officer's Sword at right to download Dom's 4-page manual. (a .PDF, to be printed on 2 sides of 8.5x11 piece of (blue) paper. Please give credit where it is due.

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