Dom Dal Bello has been Civil War reenacting since 1985. His main area of interest has been Infantry Tactics, and he has commanded battalions for since 1990. Dom is the founder and commander of the Army of the Pacific, a Federal Infantry living history organization. He commands the 1st Brigade, 1st Federal Division. Dom has authored two reenactor drill books, and numerous articles that have appeared in the Camp Chase Gazette and Reenactor's Journal.

Tintype of Dom Dal Bello by Wayne L. Pierce of California. October, 1998.

Local Units - Other Writings - Eastern Events

Local Units and Impressions
Major, com'd'g, "Cooperative Battalion," Southern California Infantry Battalion. Serg't, U.S. Marines, Pacific Squadron, 1846-48.
Battln Commander, Federal Infantry,
Fort Tejon. Hist. Assoc., (1990-2000)
Private/1st Serg't, Co. K, 1st U.S. Dragoons, 1854-57, Fort Tejon, CA.
Private, Co. K, 100th Penn. Vol. Inf'y.
Private-Colonel, 2nd Calif. Vol. Infantry, 1864
Fort Tejon, CA.
Original "Enlistment": Co. A, 4th U.S. Infantry, 1985.

Prelude Bugle Call for 1st Brigade (Army of the Pacific)
written by: R.J. Samp, Chief Bugler, 1st Fed.

Tons of event preparation mailers, military hints, instructions for rolling ammunition; etc.

Articles in The Long Roll, Journal of the Army of the Pacific

  • 41 Ways to Avoid Being Mustered-In, No. 17.
  • Military Report: Chickamauga, 16.
  • The Great Experiment: 8 days Rations and 60 Rounds of Ammuntion, Parts I, II and III, Nos. 14-16.
    The Estimation of Distances, No. 14.
  • The Railmakers were Note a Success; editing; No. 13.
  • Military Report: 135th Vicksburg, 13.
  • Military Report: Antietam, No. 11.
  • Forming the Battalion, No. 10
Articles in The Long Roll, Journal of the Army of the Pacific
  • Why? A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat? No. 8.
  • To Double or Not to Double, No. 7.
  • Notes on Charge Bayonet; No. 7.
  • Military Report: Kelly Canyon, Az, No. 7.
  • Games: Euchre, No. 6.
  • History of the Army of the Pacific, No. 5.
  • Three Cheers and a Tiger, No. 4.
  • Apache Pass and The Tidball Trek of 1864, Steve Dunfee and Dom Dal Bello., No. 3.
  • More Notes on Tents, No. 2.

Articles in Camp Chase Gazette

  • "The Line," March, '99.
  • "Manual of Arms for Infantry, A Re-examination," Parts III-VI. Mar '96-Mar '97. Geoff Walden wrote parts I and II, with editing by Dom.
  • "To Double or Not to Double," June '96.
  • "Three Cheers and a Tiger," July '95.
  • "Event Report, 2nd California Infantry", '93.

Articles in Reenactors Journal

  • "The Tidball Trek, Report, 1995
  • "Red River Campaign Report.
  • "Where Were you on Christmas?" Dec. 1994

Contributor/Consultant/Guest Speaker

  • Contributer, Campaigner College Handbook, April 2002.
  • Forward and Articles, in R.J.Samp's Infantry Bugle Calls for Non-Bulgers, 2000.
  • Guest Speaker, School of the Soldier, 1997, 2000, Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA.
  • Consultant, "School of the Soldier" videos, by Media Magic, 1996.
  • Consultant, reprint of Baxter's The Volunteer's Manual, Sullivan Press, 1996.
  • "Manual of Arms for the Second Wisconsin," article by Mike Thorson for Homecoming of 2nd Wisc., 1998.
  • Guest Speaker: UC Santa Barbara, "Civil War and Reconstruction," "American People," (getting 400+ 20-year olds to sing the "Battle Cry of Freedom"); various civic organizations.

Service in "the East"
1986 1st Bull Run, Va. Private 1996 Ky. Tactical. Major
1987 Shiloh, Tenn. Private 1997 Shiloh, Tenn. Colonel, com'd'g battalion
1988 Gettysburg, Penn. Serg't/1st Serg't 1997 Antietam, Md. Col., com'd'g battalion
  Chickamauga, Ga. Serg't; Bvt. 2d Lieut., com'd'g company 1997 Spring Hill, Tenn.. Col., com'd'g brigade
1989 Atlanta, Ga. 1st Serg't 1998 Raymond, Miss. Col., com'd'g battalion
1991 Wilson's Creek, Mo. 1st Lieut., com'd'g company 1998 Muster out of 2d Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc. 1st Lieut. and Adjutant
1992 2d Bull Run, Va Capt., com'd'g co. 1999 Red River II, La. Col., com'd'g brigade
1993 Stone River, Tn. Capt., com'd'g co. 1999 Chickamauga Col., com'd'g brigade
1994 Red River, La. Major; Bvt. Col., com'd'g battalion 2000 Bentonville, NC Lieut. Col., com'd'g batt'n, brigade
1995 Pea Ridge, Ar. Major 2000 Loudon Cnty, Va. Lieut Col.
1995 Nashville, Tn. Colonel, com'd'g, battalion 2001 Raymond 2, Miss. Colonel, com'd'g brigade

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